Tamarisc invests in and helps build companies that improve the human habitat through innovating at the intersection of real estate, health, and technology.

The Team

David Bates

Focuses on strategy, manufacturing, product, and operations. Former investor at Morningside Ventures and former Chief Strategy Officer at F-Wave. Cofounder of hotel technology company. Auckland PhD in Chemical and Materials Engineering.

Justin Yap

Former International Finance Corporation and World Bank and former corporate lawyer. Harvard JD.

Seng Oon Toh

Focuses on anything technical. Former ARM and AMD engineer; founding CTO of machine-learning company. Berkeley PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Ed Walters

Focuses on fundraising, hiring, and business development/sales. Former investor at Morningside Ventures and former vice president of business development for Bode, a tech-enabled hospitality management company. Harvard MBA.

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If you are looking for investment, please include a PDF of your investment deck, a brief description of how much you are looking to raise, how much you have raised historically, and why your company is a relevant investment target for our firm.